Paul Jennings
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A pioneer in de-regulated telecommunications services for over two decades, Paul Jennings is the founding partner and chief executive officer of Public Communications Services, Inc., (PCS), which is the third largest provider of inmate telephone systems in the country. Mr. Jennings has been in the telecommunications industry since 1983. He is regarded as one of the pioneers in the long distance operator service business that began with AT&T's break-up in January 1984. Mr. Jennings developed a strategy to integrate various telecommunications services vertically by investing strategic resources to deliver emerging technologies to, principally, federal and state agencies with large or significant inmate populations. Part of this strategy was the formation of three companies, including PCS for inmate and payphone management.

Mr. Jennings holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and a degree in Mathematics from California State University Northridge. Mr. Jennings is a board member on several school boards. Mr. Jennings is married, has three children, and resides in Los Angeles.