Paul Jennings
Joe Fryzer
Liz Goldman

Joseph Fryzer has over 25 years experience in entrepreneurial ventures. Mr. Fryzer has built and sold more than eight companies in a wide range of industries. He has had extraordinary success at founding and nurturing organizations with the growth potential to blossom into profitable companies.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Fryzer founded and built a marketing organization which grew to more than $48 million in annual turnover in the fiercely competitive telecommunications industry.

Mr. Fryzer co-founded Public Communications Services, Inc., which addressed a niche segment within the telecommunications industry. At PCS Mr. Fryzer helped build a vertically integrated $100 million company that installs and maintains sophisticated telephone and surveillance equipment inside inmate facilities.

Concurrent with the growth of their telecommunication business, Mr. Fryzer also with his long-term partner, Paul Jennings, created a vertically integrated real estate company. This company acquired, developed, rehabilitated, and constructed more than $1 billion of real-estate assets over the next 12 years. Current projects include a 4,000-acre resort in Baja California.

As Co-Chairman of CorpPCS, Mr. Fryzer plays a key role in the growth and direction of CorpPCS's enterprises by providing his business vision and experience.

Mr. Fryzer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from New York City College.