The mantra ‘Recurring revenue equals rest and relaxation’ is a cornerstone of our approach to entrepreneurship, and focuses us on businesses that can create stable, long-term revenue streams. We consciously avoid businesses that require relentlessly regenerating a customer base- requiring short term strategies to maintain revenues- and businesses that may have quick sales cycles but also have big fluctuations in business activities. Corp PCS = R2. Contrary to popular practice, Corp PCS has actively sought out niches that demand substantial upfront investments or that require long close cycles, but that offer in return the predictability of ongoing revenues- or in the case of real estate, that provide these elements and the possibility of long term appreciation of assets as well.

The Corp PCS story starts in 1983 with Paul Jennings and Joe Fryzer pursuing  opportunities in the telecommunication industry. From 1983 to 1987, their focus was on taking advantage of the break-up of AT&T in January of 1984 and the concurrent deregulation of parts of the telecommunications industry. By 1988 the principals had created their first niche-market by becoming the exclusive provider of operator services to payphone providers throughout the country. This niche expanded to include providing services to hotels, hospitals, and correctional facilities. By 1995 Mr. Fryzer and Mr. Jennings had created four distinct entities to provide customized service to these maturing niches. Specifically, Golden Tel provided more than 50% of all the payphone services to large hotels in Las Vegas; AMI Telecommunication Services provided 40% of all telecommunications to hospitality condominium units throughout the country; Public Payphone USA provided services to more than 50% of California’s largest counties; and Public Communications Services provided specialized telecommunications hardware and services to correctional facilities.

In 1995 an opportunity to move out of some high-tech industries and into real estate arose as a result of the Northridge, California earthquake and PCS Development was formed. It became one of the most active real-estate developers in Southern California.