The entrepreneurs and talented executive teams behind Corp PCS have pursued business opportunities that create long-term recurring revenue since 1987. Corp PCS itself is the result of our commitment to achieving these two Rs. The successful operating companies created by PCS’s corporate principals, Joe Fryzer and Paul Jennings, during the corporation’s rich history have operated primarily in the telecommunications and real estate sectors.

Corp PCS’s portfolio consists of operating businesses that have been established to capitalize on niche opportunities. As each company has grown to excel within its niche, they have created revenue streams and developed synergistic relationships between them.

Corp PCS’s underlying investment strategy has been to find opportunities within existing businesses or to draw upon the talents and competencies developed within the organizations we develop to enter new niches. Corp PCS focuses on opportunities that require a long-term commitment of up-front investments that can ultimately yield long-term recurring revenue streams. Our telecommunication operations, real estate portfolio, and current real estate development activities are consistent with this strategy.

The signature achievement of Corp PCS has been growing companies within low-leverage financial structures while funding internal operations and long term growth with the two principal’s personal resources. This commitment keeps us capital-disciplined, and rewards our medium- and long-term focus and serious risk-management. All the businesses held by Corp PCS today are either individually or jointly owned by Joe Fryzer and Paul Jennings. The various companies combined activities over the years have created more than 1,000 jobs, collective annual revenues exceeding $150 million, and assets greater than $1 billion.